Henckels Chef's Knife

OPEN THREAD: What are the best knives & cutlery for BBQ?

If you’re devoted to cooking outdoors, you probably already know that half the work is in preparation. And there’s nothing worse than trying to cut with a dull knife. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. So, if it’s time to upgrade, this post is for you!

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21 Essentials for Traeger and Pellet Grill Owners

Have a special grill enthusiast in your life, and looking for a perfect gift? Or maybe YOU’RE the enthusiast, and looking for some fresh inspiration? Either way, you’re in the right place. From beginner to pro, we sourced this list of essentials with a variety of owners in mind. We scoured the web for the best-selling, and most-wished for items. Then we hand-picked the ones we think are essential for every grill owner’s tool kit. Without further ado…

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