7 BBQ Rubs You’ll Love

1. Garlic Junky – If you like garlic, you’ll love this rub! Made by Spiceology. Great on beef, especially steaks, prime rib, briskets, and whole chickens.

2. SPG – Also from Spiceology. One of the all-time greats, Salt, Pepper, and Garlic will enhance the flavor of beef, pork, fish and poultry. It’s an AP — All Purpose — rub for the ages.

3. Honey Habanero – Also by Spiceology. Great on ribs, pork butt, bacon, or anything you want to add some sweet heat to on the grill or smoker. We’re talking amazing heat, sweet flavor and bright color!

4. Honey Hog – If you like it sweet, this rub from Meat Church will take you straight to Flavortown! Adds a layer of sweetness to most any meat — but especially good on pork.

5. Moss – Partnership with Matt Crawford (aka Sasquatch) and Spiceology. This herb rub is great for most any dish. Adds a nice kick to boot!

6. Backdraft – From Code 3 Spices. If you like it hot & smoky this is the rub for you! Great on chicken wings for gameday, a turkey, whole chicken, or as a combo with another rub on ribs.

7. Greek Freak – Add some Spiceology Mediterranean flare to pork, beef, chicken or any dish that you want some savory goodness. Builds a nice bark, and adds extra zip!

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Review: Allen Brothers Wagyu Ribeye Steaks

Thanks to Matt Crawford (@SasquatchBBQ), I was able to try two Allen Brothers Wagyu Ribeyes earlier this month.

What a treat! The steaks came out juicy, tender, and packing big beefy flavor.

For the crust, I started with an olive oil base, and rubbed down with coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper.

I set my Traeger Grills 22 to High (450F), loaded with Signature Blend pellets, and let it get up to temp. Then I slapped the two steaks down on the grill grates for about eight minutes per side.

I use a ThermoPro internal temperature probe to cook to my preferred temp (135F, for medium-rare).

Resting the steak for 10-15 minutes, I slice the steak off the bone, and then into strips.

Here are my recommendations for getting the best crust:

Jacobsen Coarse Salt

Jacobsen Peppercorn

And of course, the best breaking and work horse for slicing:

For a limited time only, get free shipping from Allen Brothers on orders over $189 (code: FREESHIP18).

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4 must have products for Traeger Owners

Traeger Food-Safe Tray: Makes transferring meats, food and supplies between the Traeger and the house a breeze. Available on eBay


Nitrile Food Safe Gloves: Less mess, and reduce risk of contaminating food or kitchen. Durable material with puncture resistance. Available on Amazon.

Super Skewer: Try something new! This Brazilian Gaucho Skewer is affordable, made in the USA, and will add a new dimension to your cooks. Available on Amazon.

KONG Cooler: Go big with this rotomolded, made in the USA cooler. Your food and beverages will stay cold throughout your excursions this summer — or in the backyard on a hot summer night.

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Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10" Butcher Knife

Review: Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10″ Butcher Knife

I’ve been a Henckels fan since Mrs. Rendezvous and I were gifted our first knife block as a wedding gift. But after almost 10 years, it was time to finally start seeing what else is out there.

As you know from a previous open thread, I’ve been researching brands like Shun, Wusthoff, and Messermeister. I still plan to buy and review a few of those, especially a boning, chef, and carving knife. But let’s get to this Dalstrong first…

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Smoke Ring on a Traegered Packer Prime Brisket

How to smoke a prime beef whole packer brisket

I took the opportunity of the first three day weekend of the year to try my hand at a full packer brisket. A “packer” contains both the point and flat.

Weighing in at 16 pounds, and $2.99/lb at Costco, this was by far the most ambitious (and expensive) cook yet! Video below shows all of the basic steps in the recipe. At bottom are a number of links where you can find the tools of the trade that made this LONG cook a success (remote thermometer, utility knife, Traeger Century 22, etc). Let’s get started …

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Food in a Freshware Meal Prep Container

Review: Freshware meal prep containers

If you grill, BBQ, or smoke a lot of meals, you’re bound to have leftovers. We know. For some, the word “leftovers” and “BBQ” together seems like sacrilege. But for us, it’s a reality.

We’ve used a variety of storage containers over the years, including Tupperware. We still use it. But with the annual weight loss goals coming into focus, we sought out better solutions. Juggling all those small containers in our lunch bag can be a hassle. They also get pushed around in our fridge between “meal prep Sunday” and the end of the week.

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