VIDEO: Birria Beef Tacos from Chuck Back ribs

For ingredients list and step-by-step instructions, check this post out from Seattle Butcher’s Wife. These beef back ribs from Felton’s Angus Beef were rich, juicy, and flavorful. After smoking two hours as a frenched standing crown, I put them in the chile sauce for 3 more hours, and slow cooked them to fall apart perfection.

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REVIEW: Dalstrong carving and slicing brisket knife

I’ve been using Dalstrong knives for five years now, and they offer an exceptional value. If you’re looking for high-quality kitchen knives at a great price, Dalstrong is your brand. The brand offers several series, from high-end to more budget conscious. For all things BBQ, from slicing a steak to carving up a brisket, this 12″ granton edge blade gets the job done.

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5 Tips for Growing Your Online Following

So you’re a foodie, a food photographer, blogger, influencer, or otherwise have an interest in food and social media. Welcome to a new series on tips and tricks for growing your online presence, gleaned from more than a decade of experience as a digital marketer and social media influencer.

Let me start by making clear these recommendations and “tips,” are being provided mainly to individuals. If you’re a brand or business looking for tips, get in touch for a consultation.

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