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21 Essentials for Traeger and Pellet Grill Owners

Have a special grill enthusiast in your life, and looking for a perfect gift? Or maybe YOU’RE the enthusiast, and looking for some fresh inspiration? Either way, you’re in the right place. From beginner to pro, we sourced this list of essentials with a variety of owners in mind. We scoured the web for the best-selling, and most-wished for items. Then we hand-picked the ones we think are essential for every grill owner’s tool kit. Without further ado…

Price guide (approx.)
$ – Under $20
$$ – Between $20-75
$$$ – Over $100

1. Gourmet Rubs & Spices ($)

Without a doubt, one of the most buzzed about rubs online is Meat Church. The company combines its passion and knowledge of BBQ from all over the country into a competition BBQ brand. We like The Gospel, Meat Church‘s All Purpose Rub.

2. Premium Wood Pellets ($)

Never tried another brand of pellets? You’re missing out! There are several great brands on the market, including several best sellers. We like CookinPellets and Louisiana Grills. Hard to beat these prices! Plus, Prime members get fast and free shipping on many items from Amazon.

3. Pink Butcher Paper ($)

Great for wrapping a brisket, pork butt, or any other cut of meat — either for resting, or to ensure a great bark on the grill.

4. Flexible Stainless Steel Skewers ($)

Here’s a concept: Skewer your meat first, then marinate it! Speed up your grilling process, and make cleanup a breeze. Sturdy stainless steel construction means you can say goodbye to rust. Plus, since they’re flexible, you can maximize grill space.

5. Stainless Steel Meat Shredding Claws ($)

Why use two forks or sacrifice your fingers to pull apart that piping hot pork roast? Make quick work of it with these claws. Highly-rated, well-priced, and ships fast!

6. Drip Tray Liners ($)

See our “7 Tips and Tricks for Traeger and Pellet Grill Owners.”

Makes clean-up faster and simpler!

7. Stuffed Burger Press ($)

Tired of boring burgers? Go gourmet! The stuffing options are endless. Some of our favorites to make with our press: Mac & Cheese Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Chili Burger, Reuben Burger, and Jalapeño & Onion Burger. And, by using the press, your burgers will actually make it off the grill — not fall apart or crumble.

8. BBQ Knives & Cutlery

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10" Butcher Knife

Cutlery for BBQ isn’t like any common kitchen knife. In particular, a carving or slicing knife is a necessity when slicing brisket, prime rib, or any large cut that comes off your grill or smoker. Learn about a few brands you’ll find in many commercial kitchens, and they’re trusted by the pros!

9. Barbecue, Smoking & Grilling Cookbooks ($)

Photo Credit: Andrew Hollister

Photo Credit: Andrew Hollister

Looking for inspiration? There are hundreds of books on barbecue, smoking, and grilling. Not to mention sauces, hardwoods, killer recipes, and more. Learn from the legends of BBQ, or give the gift of knowledge to someone special!

10. Spray Bottles ($)

Want to get great tasting bark on pulled pork? Tenderloin? Any other cut of meat? Then you know the importance of spritzing! These food grade bottles are great for orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, or any other liquid your recipe calls for.

11. Vacuum Sealer ($$)

Tired of your leftovers going bad? Or maybe you want to buy meat in bulk to save? Looking to marinate or store cold smoked items for later use? Any way you slice it, a vacuum sealer is an essential for serious meat eaters.

12. Magnetic & Clamp Grill Light ($$)

This is a no brainer. Quit bumping around in the dark!

13. Grill Cover or Blanket ($$)

Protect your investment, and keep it safe from the elements. If you live someplace cold, the blanket will keep your grill insulated. That’s important to maintain higher temps, and helps aid in better fuel efficiency.

14. Non-Stick Rib Rack

Love ribs? Then this is for you. Allows you to smoke multiple racks of ribs at one time. Sturdy and durable construction. Handles make for easy transferring in and out of the grill or to the kitchen.

15. High-Temp Gloves ($$)

Anything that goes on your grill is likely to come off piping hot. No matter whether you’re a new, or a pro, you probably have a scar to show for it. ‘Nough said. Get some protection from the heat!

16. Anodized Grill Grates for Searing ($$)

One of the most common knocks we hear on pellet grills is, “yeah, but they can’t sear.” We beg to disagree. But If you’ve ever struggled to get a sear at 450F/high heat, grill grates will take your searing to the next level. Similar concept to the grill basket, but the grates actually concentrate heat instead of diffuse it. Protein: eGrill Grates are a must for any steak lover!

17. A-maze-n Smoker Tube ($$)

Don’t think your grill puts off enough smoke? It might not at higher temps. Smoker tubes have become popular with grill owners looking for MORE SMOKE. Great for cold smoking cheese, nuts, fish, and some meats. Just load in pellets and light.

18. Meat Injector Kit ($$)

If you’ve never injected a roast, turkey, chicken, or any other plump cut, then you’re missing out! Injecting is similar to brining and marinating, except it introduces tasty flavors deep inside. You’ve never had meat more moist or flavorful!

19. Gourmet Knife & Cutlery Sets ($$$)

Dull knives can be dangerous. ‘Nough said. You want knives that will last the test of time.

20. Wireless Thermometers ($$-$$$)

Tappecue is a favorite with tech and gadget gurus. It launched out of Kansas City, arguably the epicenter of BBQ innovation. Works over WiFi, and has an offline mode if you’re off the grid. Monitor your cook from your smartphone with an app. Look back on past cooks with the stored data feature. You’ll be cooking like a pro in no time!

SPECIAL OFFER: Enter this special COUPON CODE at and take 10% off: RDVBBQ

21. Stainless Steel Smoker Shelf ($$)

If you are cooking, smoking, or grilling for more than a couple people, you’ll need more rack space. Making jerky? Get more rack space! Making holiday sweet & smokey snacks? Get more rack space!

BONUS: Novelty Items…

A. Slot Dog ($)

Scores your hotdogs so more smokey flavor gets in the meat. Hotdogs cook more evenly, and hold toppings like a boss.

B. Easy Kebab Maker ($)

Lots of exotic options here. Or just make corndogs! Bifteki? Kofta? Kefta? Kebab!

C. Traeger Trucker Hat ($$)

Show off your love for Traeger.

D. XL Bamboo Cutting Board ($)

Quit leaving cutting marks on your counter top.

Did we leave something off the list? Disagree with an item we listed? Want to see a list for your favorite grill? Or have NO IDEA what some of these things are, and want us to explain?

Leave a comment, and we’ll do our best to respond in the comments, update the post — or consider it for our next one.

UPDATE 1: Looking for BBQ or Grill recommendations? Check out Our Picks.

UPDATE 2: Looking for discount codes, shipping deals, etc? Visit the Deal Zone.

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