Why you only heard about the Flat Iron Steak after 2002

Short answer: It didn’t exist yet. At least, not under that name. And if you were eating “flat iron steak,” as beef, it was in ground hamburger. The cut was a throwaway. Enter meat research and development.

Wait. You’re asking yourself, how does Rendezvous BBQ know this? Funny you should ask. We discovered this article on innovations in beef cuts from Atlas Obscura while looking for flat iron steak recipes. Yep. We were futzing around for recipes — and BAM — unlocked level five in the meat game. Got to love Google.

Who knew there was such a thing as “meat science,” complete with university scientists and industry researchers with (we imagine) lab benches and grills at butcher houses? And the even better news? The research goes on, and they may find more tasty cuts!

Read the entire Atlas Obscura article, “How Meat Science (And Marketing) Gave the World the Flat Iron Steak.” If you’re a serious Meathead, it’s worth your time.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Hollister

13 Barbecue Books To Get Started

You know what they say: You can’t judge a book by its cover. So we asked a few of the top barbecue groups on the internet for their BBQ book recommendations. The response was amazing.

Within a few hours, we had a monster list of titles and author to sort through. We then invested even more time looking at each book’s sales ranking, customer reviews, and status on most wished for lists.

Presenting 13 books, to get started as a novice griller, or for continuing education as a pit master!

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