Photo Credit: Andrew Hollister

13 Barbecue Books To Get Started

You know what they say: You can’t judge a book by its cover. So we asked a few of the top barbecue groups on the internet for their BBQ book recommendations. The response was amazing.

Within a few hours, we had a monster list of titles and author to sort through. We then invested even more time looking at each book’s sales ranking, customer reviews, and status on most wished for lists.

Presenting 13 books, to get started as a novice griller, or for continuing education as a pit master!

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On Cue: Pulled Pork Butts, Camper-Edition

Followed the Traeger Pulled Pork recipe to the T, and got amazing results! The only trick? We were camping at the river. That’s where a wireless meat thermometer comes in handy. Especially on a long cook.