Kickin’ Jalapeno Chicken Grilled in Cast Iron Skillet

Some like it hot. We like it so spicy, that it’s burning practically our face off hot. Here’s our take on a Kickin’ Jalapeno Chicken that we improvised with on a weeknight.

Ingredients …

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Bahn Mi Pulled Pork Sandwiches

We make pulled pork about once or twice a month. Usually smoke a big fatty pork butt or shoulder. Unless we’re having a backyard patio party, we have a few pounds leftover. Sometimes we vacuum seal and freeze the leftovers for a weeknight delight. Getting “porked out” usually isn’t a problem around our house. But when you have a day old heap of pulled pork sitting in your fridge, what to do with it?

We like to make Bahn Mi Pulled Pork Sandwiches! Here’s how…

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