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7 Tips and Tricks for Traeger and Pellet Grill Owners

If you’re a Traeger or pellet grill owner, you’ve already got your self a slice of the good life. No matter whether you’re a newbie, or a fanatic, there’s always more to learn to become a master griller, smoker, and all around pro.

We set about to collect the top hacks, tips, and tricks to make your grilling, smoking, and barbecuing experience even that much better. Here are the top 7 …

1. Disposable drip bucket liners (Amazon: aluminum or biodegradable; eBay)

Tired of cleaning up that gooey mess? Accidentally bump the bucket off when you were putting the cover on or taking it off and get a nasty spill? Get these disposable drip bucket liners, and make cleanup a breeze.

2. Grill light (Amazon or eBay)

Got an all night cook going, and bumping around on your grill in the dark? Lose the flashlight, or head lamp, and get this must-have essential for any serious smoker. This one is a best-seller online for a reason. It bends, it clamps, and it’s got a magnetic base.

3. Drip tray liners (Amazon or eBay)

Quit messing around with aluminum foil, and get serious. No more short tear sheets of foil, or oily blackened and wadded up aluminum. Again, the hack here is making clean up EASIER, so you can get back to important business (grilling, smoking, adult beverages, and such!).

4. Meat smoking and meat temperature magnets (Amazon or eBay)

Leave the guess work and frantic web searches behind. Put one of these magnets on your pellet hopper or refrigerator. Quickly find what internal temp you’re shooting for, so you get the perfectly cooked cut of meat, all the time, every time.

5. Tappecue Bluetooth Thermometer

You likely spent hundreds on a grill, right? And you’re probably spending upwards of tens to hundreds more every time you cook on it. Protect that significant investment from the butcher, save wasted effort by not having to “peak” at your cook — and get the perfect internal temp.

Tappecue Wifi Thermometer

Use code: RDVBBQ for 10% Off

6. Bucket Head Vacuum – for swapping out pellets (Amazon or eBay)

Moving from hickory to apple, but the hopper is 3/4 filled? Get a bucket head for a 5 gallon bucket, vacuum out the pellets, and you’ve got ready made storage to boot! Traeger also makes a basic bucket and storage lid kit with filter.

7. A-maze-n Smoker Tube – for adding extra smoke to any cook (Amazon or eBay)

Can’t get enough smoke? That’s where A-maze-n comes in. The secret to the tube is in it’s simplicity. Just add pellets, light one end, and leave on the grates. Great for cold smoking cheese, nuts, fish, or EXTRA smoke to pulled pork, brisket, or anything else.

BONUS TIP: Crowdsource –  recipes, tips, tricks, and other ideas

Leverage the expertise of online communities of Traeger, pellet grill owners, and BBQ fanatics. Just a few we like to get you started:

Find a better deal on any of the above online? Leave us a comment, and we’ll take a look.


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6 thoughts on “7 Tips and Tricks for Traeger and Pellet Grill Owners

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  5. Suzanne

    Help! I am new to Traeger. Yesterday the grill kept dropping the temp from 350 to 108 x2. Had to turn off then on again to complete cooking. What am I doing wrong?????


    • Editor

      You may be getting small voids in your auger, where pellets aren’t filling in. This causes the firepot to go out or die down. Check to make sure pellets are uniformly feeding into the auger. If all else fails, call Traeger customer service.


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