OPEN THREAD: What are the best wood pellets to use for a Traeger or pellet grill?

One of the most common questions in online forums and groups of pellet grill owners is “What kinds of pellets are out there?” Many questions seem to reflect negative things they’ve heard about “other brands,” and murmurs of possible additives, binders, oils, fillers or scents in some pellets. Sounds gross, right?

TALK BACK: What are your favorite pellets, and how do you store them? (Leave us a reply at bottom of the post!)

Then there is brand loyalty. Many owners swear by their grill manufacturer’s own brand. We can understand that. After all, why make a change or branch out when you’ve got a good thing going? Others state concern with warnings on their grills that using any other pellets will “void the manufacturer warranty.”

Full disclosure, we are no wood pellet experts, but we plan to get better acquainted ourselves! And we’d like to invite you to join us. Over the next few months, we plan to order and review the Best Sellers in Grilling Wood Pellets on Amazon.

For reference, as of today, here’s the #1 Best Seller in the category:

CookinPellets Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets (40 Lbs. Bag)

See the full Best Sellers in Grilling Wood Pellets list.

We’ll also be trying out the  #1 New Release (as of today) in the category (and a brand with significant buzz among pellet grill owners):

Lumber Jack Smoker Pellets (120 Lbs.)

Final thought: Many of us pay a lot of attention to labels on food. So why not take a closer look at the labels of our wood pellets? We want to hear from you! Have a favorite brand of grill or smoker wood pellets? Learned something we should share with readers? Leave a comment or Contact Us.

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VIDEO: Meathead’s Buying Guide to Thermometers

From Meathead at

Meathead does a great job over-viewing the various types of thermometers. Now here are some of the best-sellers and most highly-rated among BBQ enthusiasts:

ThermoPro TP03A – Instant Read Thermometer. A high precision sensor gives you accurate readings within 4-7 seconds. Stainless steel probe is easy to clean, and folds for convenient storage. Five-year warranty. Price range: $.

Lavatools Javelin – Instant Read Thermometer. For about twice the cost as the TP03A, you can get this ultra-fast sensor probe (3-4 seconds). Display is nice and big for easy reading. An integrated magnet allows for easy storage on your fridge or grill. Lifetime warranty. Price range: $$.

ThermoPro TP08 – Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer. We own this unit, and have found it well-suited to monitoring our wood pellet and gas grills alike. One probe monitors the meat, the other monitors the grill temp. Alarm and receiver both alert you to when temp has been reached. Up to 300 feet range. Lifetime Sensor Probe Warranty. Price range: $$.

ThermoPro TP20 – Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer. Simple and easy to use. Main difference from the TP08, are a Meat and Taste button that give you pre-programmed internal temps. Takes the guess work out of cooking any meat. Lifetime Sensor Probe Warranty. Price range: $$.

Tappecue – Meat Thermometer with Wifi. Comes with a phone app to monitor temps that’s available on all Apple, as well as Android products. You can get alerts when the meat or chamber goes above or below a min/max temp. Four meat probes mean you can keep track of multiple cooks at once! One year limited warranty. Price range: $$$.

Have a favorite we should review? Leave a comment, or send us a message.


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