Let’s rendezvous!

Are you ready for some serious barbecue?!? We are excited to launch this new site, and what we hope will be a lively community of fellow BBQ enthusiasts.

It’s been almost a decade since we actively blogged last. Passions come and go. So do tastes. In the past several years, we went from backyard barbecue enthusiasts, to serious ‘cue lovers. We finally decided it’s time to take what we’ve learned, and share it with the world.

Rain, snow, or shine, we are uncovering the grill or smoker, and searing, smoking, or grilling our way to new frontiers. New echelons of smoky goodness. From ribs to brisket, cobbler to cornbread, and asparagus to zucchini — we’ve got a hankering for making it into the worlds best barbecue.

If that’s sounds like you too, welcome home. We invite you to rendezvous back with us here often! Interact, share, and help us grow this community.

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