How to smoke a brisket flat on a pellet grill

Ever since the full packer experience, I’ve been wanting to try a brisket flat. Finally had the time!

Weighing in at 5 pounds, and $4.99/lb at Costco, this was about a $25 cook. At bottom are a number of links where you can find the tools of the trade that made this relativley LONG cook a success (remote thermometer, slicing knife, Traeger Century 22, etc). Let’s get started …

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Recipe Review: Chex Mix and White Cheddar Cheez-Its on the Traeger

For us, the holidays are all about cooking up old family classics. But we couldn’t help take notice of all the smokey, savory, and sweet creations that seem to be ruling our social media feeds. Scrolling around last week, we started seeing Cheez-Its and Chex Mix recipes pop up on various Traeger groups. So we decided to see what all the buzz was about…

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#BestofBBQ Top 30 to Follow on Instagram List

We love being a part of the Instagram BBQ, Grilling, Smoking, and Outdoor Living Community. To celebrate our 500th follower, we asked IG’ers to nominate and vote on the #BestofBBQ on Instagram:

We’ve sorted the responses by popular vote, but also relative engagement, number of followers, and then threw in a few more who we think are standouts.

Without further ado…we present the inaugural #BestofBBQ on Instagram List, curated by

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Rendezvous Giveaway #2: 16-oz Bottle of Traeger Sugar Lips Glaze


ONE (1) Bottle of Traeger Sugar Lips Glaze, 16-oz ($9.99 Value)


Traeger, 16 OZ, Sugar Lips Glaze, Sweet Apricot & Dark Molasses Combine With Warm, Peppery Heat For An Insatiable Addition To All Your BBQ Creations.


Visit the Traeger Fanatics Facebook Group to learn how to enter. Free to join! Open to current or new group members only.

Contest opens Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at Noon (12:00PM) PT and ends Friday, December 8, 2017 at 11:59PM PT. This offer is valid only within the continental United States.

By entering, you agree to the Official Rules.

Editor’s Note: Post contains affiliate links.

3lb Black Pepper Classic Beef Jerky sold by B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky

We spotted a deal on Groupon last month: 50% off beef jerky from B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky. Sounded pretty tasty to us.

Not using Groupon and want to give it a try? Sign up through our referral link today.

Sure, our local Oberto Outlet usually does the trick, and Traeger jerky is the bomb. But can you really ever have enough jerky?

If you buy it one 10oz bag at a time, you’re likely to break the bank.

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VIDEO: Baby Back and St. Louis Style Ribs on the Kamado Joe with Code 3 Spice’s Backdraft Rub

Looking for a great YouTube grilling, smoking, or BBQ channel to follow? Be sure to check out T-Roy Cooks. In this video, T-Roy shares his method of smoking two styles of ribs on his Kamado Joe using Code 3 Spice‘s Backdraft Rub:

Love T-Roy’s simple method: Worcestershire Sauce on both sides, and then generously sprinkle on the rub. He lets them go for 5 hours at 250F. No saucing, but he does spritz with apple juice every hour or so. Mmmm. Mmmm. Those look goood!

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