Review: Easy Kabob Maker and Serious Eats Bifteki Recipe

We love shish kebabs, Sriracha Ranch bacon-wrapped chicken skewers, and just about any other kind of meat on a stick!

Usually we cube up pork, chicken, or beef into one-inch pieces and thread on a stainless steel skewer. But we recently spotted a new tool, the Easy Kabob, and were drawn in by the simple design and promise of making healthy pressed kabobs from ground beef or pork.

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Review: The Slotdog Hot Dog Scoring and Slicing Tool

At first glance, The Slotdog seems like an “As Seen on TV,” novelty or gag gift.

We looked at it at least a half dozen times before even deciding whether to buy and review it. What pushed us off the fence was the buzz online among BBQ enthusiasts for this “must have tool.”

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Garlic Herb Butter Crusted Prime Rib

Recipe Review: Traeger’s Garlic Herb and Stuffed Prime Rib Roast Recipe

When we haven’t done a recipe before, and are cooking for a big party or family gathering, we like to do a dry run a week or two before. As you saw with our Traeger Turkey Recipe Review, it’s usually flawless. But we always seem to learn something that improves the final product. Taking our end product from good to great!

After looking at a dozen or so mouth-watering Prime Rib recipes around the web, we decided to improvise on Traeger’s Garlic and Herb Stuffed Prime Rib Roast.

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#BestofBBQ Top 30 to Follow on Instagram List

We love being a part of the Instagram BBQ, Grilling, Smoking, and Outdoor Living Community. To celebrate our 500th follower, we asked IG’ers to nominate and vote on the #BestofBBQ on Instagram:

We’ve sorted the responses by popular vote, but also relative engagement, number of followers, and then threw in a few more who we think are standouts.

Without further ado…we present the inaugural #BestofBBQ on Instagram List, curated by

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