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11 Gift Ideas for Traeger or Pellet Grill Owners

It’s that time of year! The season of giving. But what to get that hardwood-loving pellet grill owner in your life? We searched for the the hottest, newest, and all-around sure to please products available. Be sure to read all the way down to see the #1 most wished for item!

11. Vacuum Sealer

If you’re working with a lot of perishable foods, chances are you’re working against “Best By” dates and wanting to freeze leftovers for a weeknight delight. This unit can seal, vacuum, or do both. Handy if you just need to re-seal a bag, or want to vacuum pack several pounds of food for storage or the freezer. Compact and easier to handle than other sealers. See more ideas for Traeger Gifts here >>> BBQ Gift Ideas.

10. BBQ Hats

Whether brand specific, or irreverent, a hat is always a great gift. Protects the dome, shows off the love and respect for great BBQ.

See more hat ideas.

9. BBQ Aprons

From high-quality, multi-pocket canvas to simple and basic.  Between sauce spills and food prep, you can really never have enough BBQ aprons.

8. BBQ T-Shirts

Does your favorite griller have a sense of humor? Then they’ll have fun wearing these both while barbecuing and all over town!

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7. Grill Scraper

All-natural, easy and fun to use! Makes clean up a snap, and and safer than metal bristle brushes. No harsh chemicals or plastic to worry about.

See more grill cleaning & maintenance ideas.

6. Stainless Steel BBQ Tools

Stylish, easy-to-clean, and high-quality craftsmanship. One of the better gifts for someone who is hard to shop for. This set is oversized and heavy duty.

5. BBQ Books

Steven Raichlen is a BBQ legend. So get one of his best selling books, and learn from the master! Sauces, rubs, and marinade ideas, all in one book. Raichlen is also the author of the

4. Knives & Cutlery Sets

Any knife set is a serious investment. Dull knives are dangerous! Shop the top brands in cutlery for the best results. Henckel, Wusthof, and Shun are brands that are synonymous with top-notch quality cutlery.

3. Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

All the pros say “cook to temp, not time.” One of the easiest ways to ensure that food is cooked right, every time, is using one of these thermometers! As for thermometers, accuracy and speed are the name of the game. Eliminate the guess work. This model has an easy to read display, and intuitive design.

2. Remote BBQ Thermometers

For an RF device, the TP-08 by ThermoPro has decent range (300 feet), and a great price point ($10-15 less than comparable brands). Allows users to monitor both the grill (ambient) and the food temp in one view. A timer, alarm, and easy to read buttons round out the feature set.

1. WiFi BBQ Thermometers

Topping the list this year are two awesome wifi/cloud devices. Bluetooth and RF devices are limited by distance. If you want to truly “cut the cord,” give these two serious consideration.

Tappecue is a favorite with BBQ enthusiasts, including competition judges. Reviewers say it provides solid and accurate temperatures that can be accessed from most any device via smartphone app or your PC. Works over WiFi, and has an offline mode if you’re off the grid. Look back on past cooks with the stored data feature. Launched out of Kansas City, arguably the epicenter of barbecue, Tappecue has a strong reputation in the BBQ world.

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