Tappecue WiFi BBQ Thermometer Photo Credit: @toddnanderson

Review: Tappecue WiFi Meat Thermometer

Photo Credit: Todd Anderson @ToddNAnderson

We’ve been shopping for WiFi/Cloud-based BBQ Thermometers. Only a few interesting products out there on the market. But nothing motivates us more than top-notch engineering, excellent customer service, and features that translate to real benefits. This recent review from ManMeatBBQ.com tipped the scales for us in favor of Tappecue.

The pros say cook to internal temperature, not time. Tappecue will enable you to do just that. Their Apple/Android apps allow you to monitor temps/alerts from anywhere; you can even monitor from your tablet or laptop. A high/low temp. functionality alerts you to a flare up, or the dreaded middle-of-the-night-cook LEr flame outs (Traeger owners know what we’re talking about). With a record of past sessions, you can also look back, and adjust accordingly. Plus, four probes mean you can monitor more meat at one time.

Want to take a look “under the hood” before you buy? Here’s an extensive review from BBQ Bros’ StokedOnSmoke YouTube channel:

Bonus points: Tappecue is a small, family-oriented business located in Kansas City. You know, the barbecue capitol of the world 🙂 It came out of the local startup scene, and sounds to have some additional promising products in development.

Rendezvous Recommendation: 👍👍

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links.

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