Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10" Butcher Knife

Review: Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10″ Butcher Knife

I’ve been a Henckels fan since Mrs. Rendezvous and I were gifted our first knife block as a wedding gift. But after almost 10 years, it was time to finally start seeing what else is out there.

As you know from a previous open thread, I’ve been researching brands like Shun, Wusthoff, and Messermeister. I still plan to buy and review a few of those, especially a boning, chef, and carving knife. But let’s get to this Dalstrong first…

A friend on IG has been raving about Dalstrong’s high carbon steel blades. After drooling over this collection for a few weeks, I finally found one I liked (10″ Cimitar Butcher Knife) at a sweet price on Amazon Prime (1-day delivery!). So I made a rash decision, and threw down on one.

Here’s my unboxing video:

Here’s my FULL REVIEW:

Here’s the knife at work on a Tri-Tip and a Monster Ribeye aka Tomahawk Steak:

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🔥💨Traegered Tri Tip💨🔥Juicy, tender, and great smoky flavor. My new cimitar sliced through like buttah. Had to cut the vid short to grab some paper towels…swamped my kitchen table with steak juice. Again. Family was pleased. Plating presentation coming next. . . 🎥@rendezvousbbq 🔪@dalstrong 📋@cairnswoodcraft 💨@traegergrills 🍖@costco . . 1⃣ 1 hr smoke bath @ 180F. 2⃣ Turn up 350F until IT of 135F. 3⃣ Tent with foil, rest 20 mins. 4⃣ Sliced. . . #food #foodporn #yum #instafood #smokering #certifiedgrilllover #yummy #amazing #instagood #dinner #fresh #tasty #foodie #delish #delicious #eating #foodpic #foodpics #eat #hungry #foodgasm #hot #foods #mealprep #keto #traeger #carnivore #meateater #tritip

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Review Highlights


  • Great heft, balance, and length = awesome feel in your hand
  • Butchers like a boss, cutting through bone, cartilage, and tendon with ease
  • Solid grip, full tang, and cimitar design gives you extra leverage


  • Works for slicing and carving, but that’s not it’s primary purpose; it’s for breaking down big cuts of meat — you know — BUTCHERING.
  • It’s big; storage in a kitchen block isn’t optimal.
  • Because it’s so new and shiny, I spend extra time on maintenance. Time will tell if it’s my go to work horse, or if it’s what I bring out for a specific purpose (butchering).

Rendezvous Rating: 👍👍

Where to Buy:

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