Review: The Slotdog Hot Dog Scoring and Slicing Tool

At first glance, The Slotdog seems like an “As Seen on TV,” novelty or gag gift.

We looked at it at least a half dozen times before even deciding whether to buy and review it. What pushed us off the fence was the buzz online among BBQ enthusiasts for this “must have tool.”

After using The Slotdog a few times, it’s growing on us. Sure. It’s basically a “uni-task,” tool. We can’t see much other use for it than scoring hot dogs. You might ask, could you just do this with a sharp knife? Sure. But likely not getting the same repeatable pattern and depth.

In other words, if you’re making a gourmet dinner of hotdogs, have at it with your chef’s knife or fancy spiralizing skewer tricks. But if you’re mass producing a tray of hot dogs for a backyard party or tail gate, The Slotdog is going to be your workhorse.

We tested the scored hot dogs three ways: Traeger grilling, Masterbuilt smoking, and Lodge Cast Iron skillet. All three had similar, positive, and tasty results.


  • Allows smoke and grill flavor to get deeper into the hot dog.
  • Helps jumbo dogs cook faster, more evenly, while still juicy.
  • Changes the skin texture, with a caramelized, almost crispy finish.


  • Requires more pressure to use than you might think.
  • As a uni-task tool, it’s going to take up shelf space.
  • Only works on skinless (no casings) hot dogs (forget brats), and requires a dishwasher to clean (not ideal for camping or off-the-grid uses).

Overall Rendezvous Rating: 👍

Where to Buy:

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links.


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