7 BBQ Rubs You’ll Love

1. Garlic Junky – If you like garlic, you’ll love this rub! Made by Spiceology. Great on beef, especially steaks, prime rib, briskets, and whole chickens.

2. SPG – Also from Spiceology. One of the all-time greats, Salt, Pepper, and Garlic will enhance the flavor of beef, pork, fish and poultry. It’s an AP — All Purpose — rub for the ages.

3. Honey Habanero – Also by Spiceology. Great on ribs, pork butt, bacon, or anything you want to add some sweet heat to on the grill or smoker. We’re talking amazing heat, sweet flavor and bright color!

4. Honey Hog – If you like it sweet, this rub from Meat Church will take you straight to Flavortown! Adds a layer of sweetness to most any meat — but especially good on pork.

5. Moss – Partnership with Matt Crawford (aka Sasquatch) and Spiceology. This herb rub is great for most any dish. Adds a nice kick to boot!

6. Backdraft – From Code 3 Spices. If you like it hot & smoky this is the rub for you! Great on chicken wings for gameday, a turkey, whole chicken, or as a combo with another rub on ribs.

7. Greek Freak – Add some Spiceology Mediterranean flare to pork, beef, chicken or any dish that you want some savory goodness. Builds a nice bark, and adds extra zip!

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As you know from a previous open thread, I’ve been researching brands like Shun, Wusthoff, and Messermeister. I still plan to buy and review a few of those, especially a boning, chef, and carving knife. But let’s get to this Dalstrong first…

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We’ve used a variety of storage containers over the years, including Tupperware. We still use it. But with the annual weight loss goals coming into focus, we sought out better solutions. Juggling all those small containers in our lunch bag can be a hassle. They also get pushed around in our fridge between “meal prep Sunday” and the end of the week.

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3lb Black Pepper Classic Beef Jerky sold by B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky

We spotted a deal on Groupon last month: 50% off beef jerky from B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky. Sounded pretty tasty to us.

Not using Groupon and want to give it a try? Sign up through our referral link today.

Sure, our local Oberto Outlet usually does the trick, and Traeger jerky is the bomb. But can you really ever have enough jerky?

If you buy it one 10oz bag at a time, you’re likely to break the bank.

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