VIDEO: Pulled Pork From Start to Finish on our Traeger Grills

We consider the BBQ Trinity: Ribs, Brisket, and Pulled Pork. Once you’ve mastered all three, you’ve got a lifetime of great BBQ ahead of you 🙂

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting videos of each one, sharing tips and tricks from our cooks.

First up is pulled pork. Here are the basics on a 6 pound pork butt we picked up at Costco:

1⃣ Trim fat 🔪 as desired
2⃣ Rub w/ @code3spices
3⃣ Smoke at 225F until 160F internal temp
4⃣ Spray w/ apple juice / apple cider vinegar 50:50 mixture each hour
5⃣ Cover with foil in disposable aluminum pan
6⃣ Turn up t 250F until 190F internal temp
7⃣ Rest ⏳ and shred

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