Garlic Herb Butter Crusted Prime Rib

Recipe Review: Traeger’s Garlic Herb and Stuffed Prime Rib Roast Recipe

When we haven’t done a recipe before, and are cooking for a big party or family gathering, we like to do a dry run a week or two before. As you saw with our Traeger Turkey Recipe Review, it’s usually flawless. But we always seem to learn something that improves the final product. Taking our end product from good to great!

After looking at a dozen or so mouth-watering Prime Rib recipes around the web, we decided to improvise on Traeger’s Garlic and Herb Stuffed Prime Rib Roast.

The Basics

Test Subject: 5 Pound “Choice” Ribeye Roast

Herb mix: 4 TBSP dried thyme, 4 TBSP fresh minced parsley, 3 TBSP minced garlic, 1 minced rosemary sprig,  and 4 TBSP butter. Slice 1″ holes across the top (side opposite rib bones), and stuff with herb/butter mix. We rubbed the remaining mix all over the roast.

Rub mix: 2 parts Kosher salt and 1 part fresh cracked black pepper. Apply liberally.

Instructions: Pull the roast from the fridge while you’re getting things ready. We let it sit at room temp for 45 minutes.

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After starting up the Traeger or pellet grill, preheat to 450F. Place roast in a roasting pan or rack for 45 mins to brown it, then turn down to 325F and roast until 130F (internal temp). We used a remote thermometer for this phase. When it hits 130F, we pulled, covered, and rested for 15 minute. The final temp was 135F on an instant read thermometer. The results were medium well ends. Middle slices were medium to medium rare.

LESSONS LEARNED: On next week’s “Prime,” Rib Roast we’ll pull the roast at 125F. A trick we learned from a follower on our Instagram: If someone doesn’t like medium rare steak (yep, the struggle is real!), you can sear it for 15-30 seconds in a cast iron pan for them — or dunk it in a sauce pan of simmering beef broth. Problem solved.

BONUS: A friend on Facebook coated the herb mix on the outside, and studded in whole garlic cloves in the 1″ slice holes. We might try that next week.

Here’s the first cut:

Prime Rib Recipe Review

First cut of Choice Ribeye Roast

One thought on “Recipe Review: Traeger’s Garlic Herb and Stuffed Prime Rib Roast Recipe

  1. Carol

    I made this recipe for a 3.5 pound prime rib following the directions. I’ve made prime rib many times and questioned the length of time at temperature at 450 and reducing the temp to 325 for additional 2.5 hours. I did use the probe to watch the temperature. When I checked the temperature at end of 45 minutes, the temperature was 250. I rechecked it with my handheld thermometer which agreed with the probe. I took it off immediately. The prime rib was medium well done, still edible but not medium rare. Had I left it on for the additional 2.5 hours, it would have been totally ruined.


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