Traeger Orange Bourbon Brined Turkey

VIDEO: How to Spatchcock and Brine a Turkey

Update: If you’re cooking on a wood pellet grill, Traeger is now offering it’s Turkey Pellet blend (includes brine and rub in bag) on Amazon. Prime members can still order in time for arrival by T-Day:

Via, here’s a top spatchcock turkey recipe:

Need a pair of versatile, heavy-duty kitchen shears to get the job done? We found these on Amazon:


Lots of people asking on social media, “should I spatchcock AND brine my turkey?” The main reason most people brine is to lock moisture into the meat. A brine can also enhance the flavor of your turkey with various herbs, fruits, and spices.

To start with, get yourself a brining bucket or bags:

Want a pre-made, tried and true, turkey brine? Rodelle’s is a best-seller:

Want to try making your own brine?

Consider the Apple Cider Turkey recipe, also by the BBQ Pit Boys:


Here’s what you’ll need for the brine:

Apple Cider

Kosher Salt

Dark Brown Sugar



Apple Cider Vinegar


Chili Pepper Flakes


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FINAL WORD: If you’re wary of too much experimenting, we suggest you try a “test turkey,” the week or weekend before, if only to build confidence!

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