Food in a Freshware Meal Prep Container

Review: Freshware meal prep containers

If you grill, BBQ, or smoke a lot of meals, you’re bound to have leftovers. We know. For some, the word “leftovers” and “BBQ” together seems like sacrilege. But for us, it’s a reality.

We’ve used a variety of storage containers over the years, including Tupperware. We still use it. But with the annual weight loss goals coming into focus, we sought out better solutions. Juggling all those small containers in our lunch bag can be a hassle. They also get pushed around in our fridge between “meal prep Sunday” and the end of the week.

That’s when we found Freshware Meal Prep Containers. They are even better than Tupperware for meal prep, because they have multiple compartments. You can easily portion out your food to control servings, and pop in the fridge or freezer. And they are stackable!
But aside from convenience, there’s a reason these containers are a Best Seller in Bulk Food Containers on Amazon. The containers make organization easy. Three zones mean you can put ONE meal, all in ONE container. The snap on lids seal the container tight.

Freshware containers are also BPA free, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Many other meal prep solutions are one-time use, and throw away. Like Tupperware, Freshware is reusable.

Another bonus use for us is when we cook a big family meal, host a backyard Traegerfest BBQ, or go to a potluck and need a container to bring food home. We just pull out a Freshware containers, and send them home with family and friends, or pack up our portions, and leave in the fridge at work. Any given weekday, there’s probably a small stack transiting between work and home!

PLUS, we have a picky toddler who often times leaves a lot of food untouched. She’ll come back an hour later, and say “Daddy, I’m hungry.” Usually right before bed. With our Freshware containers, food doesn’t get soggy or mashed together. It’s fresh and ready to dive in.

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Where to Buy: Freshware Meal Prep Containers on Amazon

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